Project Description

Health based educational materials have long existed in word format or speaking head doctor videos. What if we could reinvent health information content into engaging, informative, relevant and easy to understand under two minute videos to help people make better health decisions. This is exactly the goal of Healthwise and working closely with writers, editors, and medical team members we produce award winning plain language health education materials.

Being in a small production studio has some benefits. Not only do I get to design and illustrate all my own animations, I also do the rigging and animation itself as we don’t have the luxury of specialized positions. This has allowed me to expand on my illustration base and bring those illustrations to life.

The process is similar to the medical animation work and starts in the planning stage working closely with the team to develop story concepts and visual storyboards to hone in on the narrative we want to present. Once approved, I develop the visual assets in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and occasionally some 3D. I work mostly in Adobe After Effects and Animate to rig and animate both partial scenes for live action videos or full length captivating animations.

This is my non-medical animation demo reel which consists of work done under the employ of Healthwise, Inc.