I started out using traditional media, oils, acrylics, water colors and the occasional air brush. I still enjoy getting my hands dirty with natural media but there’s something to be said for the all powerful “undo” tool with the advent of computer illustration.

Being kind of a techy person I jumped right on board with the computer based tools and in particular… Adobe Illustrator my illustration tool of choice. It allows users to create amazing vector based artwork which are resizable and very portable.


I got my start in animation way back in grade school drawing stick figure action scenes on the edges of all my text books, what fun.

I eventually got my hands on a fun little tool called “Future Splash” which eventually became Flash. Since Flash earned a bad rep on the web I’ve switched to Adobe After Effects which is my animation tool of choice.  Throw in some occasional 3D animation from Strata and Maya and that about rounds out my animation background. Although, Frame by frame animation is fun and creative and will always be at my roots.


Photography has been another area I’ve had a lot of interest in since my childhood. Mostly as a means of creating reference material for drawings, paintings, and illustrations. However, after polaroids and instamatics, I finally got my first SLR, a Minolta X700. It peaked my interest in photography that has stayed with me to this day.

I mostly shoot landscapes and some astrophotography, but have had some fun lately with macro photography. I also shoot people in stock photography type situations as the on staff stills photographer for my current employer. Please take a look at my portfolio for a sample of my work.


My videography pursuits have been the most recent addition to my visual creation skillset since the availability of digital cameras that also double as video cameras. My current setup consists of a Sony A7sII for both stills and videography. I’ve also been flying and shooting with drones since 2010, back when you had to build them yourself.

A lot of what I shoot is also nature based like my photography. It consists of aerial footage, handheld gimbal footage as well as a digital slider based system for repetitive moves or time-lapse captures. I’ve also been involved in some television commercial shoots plus a music video thrown in for good measure.


Multi-faceted visual creative, now that’s handy.

Creativity For The Right Solution.

Taping the imagination needed to produce creative ideas for engaging, visually rich, artwork.

Skills For The Right Solution.

A diversified skillset to cover illustration, animation, photography, and videography.

Tools For The Right Solution.

Access to an array of tools to execute visual, animation, and video projects.

Skills To Help Your Visuals Impress

Illustration for portraiture, animation, medical, or editorial.

2D and light 3D engaging animations and motion graphics.

Beautiful nature, portraiture, architecture, astro, or technical photography.

Timelapse, smooth handheld, digital slider tools for commercial videography.

Here To Help Your Ideas Come to Life!

Through Creativity, Innovation & Sheer Determination